Far Infared Therapy, Denver

Far Infrared Thermal Rays elevate the heart rate and improve blood
circulation which are both crucial to maintaining good health. The heart
rate increases as increased blood flow is diverted from the inner organs
toward the extremities of the skin without elevating blood pressure. The
beneficial therapeutic effects of far infrared therapy garments include:

* improvement in flexibility and joint mobility.
* the relief of pain and enhanced healing
* reduction in muscle stiffness and pain
* decreased soreness, swelling and numbness.
* localised warming and improved circulation to relieve chilled extremities.
* lessening of body odor and perspiration of area under treatment.
far infrared therapy Denver

Balanced Health Cleansing Spa uses the Migun far infrared message bed.
Migun far infrared massage beds offer 5 beneficial modalities: acupressure,
chiropractic’s, massage, far-infrared heat therapy, along with simulating
acupuncture. The Migun infrared massage bed uses heat generated from
the heating bulbs and jade caps will relax tension, tightness and soreness
of muscles. Also, regular usage of Migun products will keep the body in
shape and help achieve desired fitness goals.