Welcome to Balanced Health Cleansing Spa. We are experienced
practitioners committed to getting to the root of your health and
wellness problem and designing a customized treatment plan to
assure a lasting change and improvement in your health. If you are
wondering if we can help you, simply complete a treatment request
form and tell us about the symptons and we will contact you let you
know how we can help you.

We have a secret and we want to share it with everyone...when your body
is in balance it will heal itself and it will bring your world in balance.
Contact us today and get your life on the road to the balance your body
is seeking.

We specialize in many different forms of treatment including

Ionic Foot Bath Therapy

NEW - Gluten Free Baked Goods

Far Infrared Therapy

Detoxification Wraps & Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

And many other natural theraputic treatments

read about what a few of our clients have said about their experience with Balanced Health Cleansing Spa

I would wholeheartedly recommend Cheri’s services for whatever your health concerns are.  She has really helped me to move towards my goal of being healthier and lose the weight that has held me back from so many things.  I feel so much better today than I did a year ago and I intend to keep going until I feel I have reached my goals.  
S. P.  Boulder May 21, 2010

My health was completely out of balance and Cheri helped me get this back in my life. Thank you so much for all of our help!
C.K., Littleton August 2010

I'm thankful for the foot baths beyond words! Some reasons I'm so grateful: Removes the L.A. smog I am too often exposed to in my travels We could actually smell the elimination of Ultra-Tide detergent. It cleans the hotel sheets but it affected my whole body. Came in feeling trashed, left feeling good again!
S.L.. Denver, March 2011

Thankyou Cheri for helping me clear my skin problems with the theraputic program you designed for me. I can't tell how great an improvement it's made in my life and my husband is so happy with the new me! Thank you again.
D.S. Denver, November 2011

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